Find the professionalism that it takes to make your business compete in today's market. But so many times the cost of marketing drives the look of what competitive product you have. That's where i come in...with a monthly retainer fee, I can handle any/all of your media needs. Logos...brochures...big piece signage or graphics or the website presentations...literally ALL of your media needs. YOU become the first priority with the commitment given.

Let's talk about what you need and then come up with a reasonable fee starting at $150 a month...which you can drop on any given design if needing it one at a time.  Your product is incredible as it is, you only need a LOOK and FEEL that reflects it!

Let's make YOUR business a professional success!

And then there is my life revealed in a brush stroke, a pen or blocks of color on a screen. No matter how it does, it comes from my heart, inspired by passion, from a true angel that saved my life.  Life can have it's twists and turns, yet to end up in a place that creativity just flows...I won't lie, it's an incredible way to live. You will see the thread of the love that surrounds me in the littlest things of life and certainly from the most sacred parts of my soul. I hope these pieces of me show up with every work of art I pour into. I really don't know how else to do it. 

If you are interested in any of the pieces you see or would like me to do something for you, contact me and let's make art!


I love life and take nothing for granted...It's good to be me...sonnyg

an angel breathes passion...passion inspires art

artist, designer


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